State: Czech Republic
Population: 6 744
Area: 11 km2

City Úvaly se nachází ve státě Czech Republic. Rozloha města je 10,96 km2. Počet obyvatel je 6 744.

Úvaly (German Auwal) is a town in the central part of the district of Prague-East. They are located 20 kilometers east of the center of Prague, 9 km west of Český Brod and 13 km south of the town of Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav. Approximately 6,900 inhabitants live here. The first written mention of the village appears shortly before 1300.

The town of Úvaly outside the eastern edge of the capital city of Prague in the Central Bohemian Region in the central part of the Prague-East district. In the past, it was part of several districts (Kouřimský, Českobrodský), but it always lay on the very edge of the mentioned administrative units.

From a geomorphological point of view, Úvaly belongs to the northeastern edge of the Prague Plateau. The oldest part of Úval is located in the valley, which was created by the Výmola stream, otherwise the surroundings are relatively hilly. On the right bank of the Výmo is the hill Vinice (298 m above sea level), which thus represents the highest place in the cadastral territory of the city. Opposite it, Úvalský vrch, the so-called Úvalák, gradually rises, reaching its peak near the 2nd kindergarten (287 m above sea level).