Klatovy Hospital

State: Czech Republic
City: Klatovy
GPS: 49.404815, 13.289425

Klatovy Hospital serves the inhabitants of the second largest city in the region and is also a health center for one of the largest districts in the Czech Republic, which is also an important tourist center in the Šumava region. Klatovy Hospital offers care in basic medical disciplines, such as surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics and gynecology, including obstetrics. Intensive care is provided by the ARO workplace, a multidisciplinary intensive care unit, subsequent intensive care and long-term nursing intensive care.

The hospital has 295 beds, of which 234 are standard, 26 intensive and 35 have follow-up care or social care, with over 13,000 patients hospitalized annually. The facility has eight operating rooms, incl. "super clean" for trauma and orthopedic surgery and an eye room for eye surgery. In all, over 7,000 operations are performed annually.

Last updated: 30.08.2020 12:41